"12 Days of Christmas"(12.24.2011)

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout

*The Schedule for Saturday, December 24th, 2011 is the following*
9:30 am Christmas Workout
11:00 am to 1:00 pm Vagabond Holiday Party

I. Vagabond Christmas Workout and Holiday Party:
As you see above, there is a slight change schedule, due to the Christmas Eve Festivities here at Vagabond. We will be running a Christmas Workout at 9:30 am, and following the Christmas Workout, we will be having our Christmas Holiday Party from 11 am to 1 pm. All Vagabonds are strongly encouraged to attend the Christmas Workout, and then after to stick around for a bit, to hang with your fellow Vagabonds, and get some good eats in before your holiday begins. Please, make this a priorioty to stop in at Vagabond on your Christmas Eve to get a fun workout in, and also hang with your fellow gym members before your holiday season begins. Food is strongly encouraged to bring to the holiday party, so we can all chip and what not. Bring anythng you may like! I know this is a stressful time of year with holiday parties, family events, money spending, and so on, so why not blow off some steam, and hit a great workout, and then relax with some great people! So get your butts into Vagabond on Saturday Morning, and make it a great way to start off your Holidays!

Jen and Renee hitting some Partner Wall Balls!

II. Vagabond Throwdown and Competition:
The link for the Vagabond Throwdown and Competition is posted to the right hand side of the webpage, and I encourage all Vagabonds to sign up, no matter what your physical capabilities are at this point. There will be scaled divisions for the competition, and also rx divisions for the competition. So this meaning, that everyone can partake in the Throwdown and have a great time. The competition will take place at Vagabond on Saturday, February 18th, 2012, and it should be a great time. Just in the first 24 hours, we have had almost 20 Vagabonds alone sign up for the competition. This is a great way to dial in on your training, and give you something to train for as well. These competitions are a great way to test yourself, but also push yourself to limits that you never thought you could before. It is always easier to get inside the gym, when you have something to train for. Make the right decision, and sign up NOW! There will be a cap of how many people can sign up, so do so as soon as possible!
III. Christmas Eve Workout of the Day:
“12 Days of Christmas”(For Time of the following movements):
1 Thruster(115, 80)
2 Burpees
3 Front Squats (115,80)
4 Clean and Jerks (115,80)
6 SDHP (115,80)
7 Clapping Pushups
8 Knees to Elbows
9 Kipping Pullups
10 Lords of Leaping (24,20)
11 Push Press (115,80)
12 Back Squat(115/80)
*Level 1*
75/45 for barbell movements, 35/20 for swings, body rows, and sit-ups for knees to elbows
*Level 2*
95/65 for barbell movements, 44/25 for swings, banded pull-ups, and sit-ups for knees to elbows
For each day. you complete the # of reps and work your way down the list, just like the song. After completing the Thruster proceed to the next day. For example on day 5 you would do 5 kb swings, 4 clean and jerks, 3 front squats, 2 burpees and a thruster and then proceed on to day 6. This is a tough wod, we can substitute and scale to make it doable for everyone.
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