"Monday, November 14th + Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 Training"


Monday, November 14th, 2016 Training:
20 Meter Agility Sprint
20 Second Plank Hold
x 5 sets
Concentration of Skill:
Press + Push Press-where to start
to the sky: direction of bar path
hold sky: overhead position
Stretch Routine:
3:00 Dynamic Stretches
Conditioning of the following;
2 Sets of the following:
AMRAP 6 Minutes of the following:
10 Sit-Ups
8 Box Step-Ups
5 Push Press
4 Tuck Jumps

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 Training:
20 Meter Run-Up and Back in Gym
20 Meter Side Shuffle-Up and Back in Gym
20 Meter Backwards Running-Up and Back in Gym
20 Meter Bear Crawl-Up and Back in Gym
x 3 sets
Concentration of Skill:
Plank to Push-Up Position(Front Lean Rest)
Parallel Pass Thrus
x 6-8 minutes of introduction…
Game of Choosing
Conditioning of the following:
30 Seconds Front Lean Rest
30 Seconds Agility Run Up and Back
30 Seconds Plank Holds
30 Second Side Hops
45 second rest
x 3 rounds