"300 Rep Salute"(8.8.2011)

Brucey and Ross in a staring competition during the workout! Who will win?

*5:30 am class has now been moved to a 6:00 am class starting Monday, August 8th, 2011*

I. Conditioning Workout of the Day:(This workout is in honor of those men who gave their lives this weekend.)
“300 Rep Salute”(For Time of the following movements):
30 Cal Row
30 DB Push Press
30 DB Front Squat
30 DB Swings
30 DB Walking Lunges
30 DB Jump Over Burpees
30 DB Deadlifts
30 DB Thrusters
30 DB Hang Power Cleans
30 Hand Release Push-Ups

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Within an hour after the workout, mix yourself up a dose of Post-Workout Formula. Then, either eat real meal or take another dose about two hours later. The purpose is to re-energize your tired muscles and help them recover, protect against joint injury and decrease the negative effects of free radical oxidants.
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These are the added ingredients and what they do:
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•Amino acids build muscles naturally
•Creatine boosts energy
•Glutamine helps with muscle recovery and maintenance
•Glucosamine HCL* and chondroitin sulfate controls inflammation and promotes joint health
•Carnitine stimulates mitochondria for rapid energy production
•Leucine and isoleucine promote muscle volume and strength
•Ribose rapidly re-builds cell energy stores
•Taurine improves your metabolic state and energizes your body

Fundraise for all the men and women who gave their lives for our country and freedom!

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I have created a fundraising page, and you can make a donation right on this page. Please, make a donation and honor those who made the ulitmate sacrifice. This is not about getting fitter, or feeling better about yourself, but it is about the families and the ones who gave their lives for our freedom!
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