Vagabond Powerlifting Class on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
A.Warm Up 10 Minutes of the following:

100 Yard Sled Pull
Men 45lbs
Woman 25lbs
Band Pulls x20
Lateral Band Movement x10 each way
B.Strength Movements of the Day:
A.Heavy Box Squat’s
Working to a heavy set of 1-3 reps
B.Speed Bench with red and purple bands as well as 3Block bench 50-60% of Best Bench
10 sets of two
C. Complete the following:
Prowler Pushes, Drop Sets 3 Sets
Men 3 45lb plates 20m, 2 45lb plates 30m, 1 45lb plate 40m
Women 3 25lb plates 20m, 2 25lb plates 30m, 1 25lb plate 40m
Band Pulls Max reps 3 sets