Laura.. performing Air Squats onto Box to ensure safety and technique.. So Proud of Laura and how far she has come in the last 3 weeks… When she came she could not even perform a proper squat to a 20 inch box… She has the dedication and determination to make it in Vagabond.. Also, she is following Paleo pretty damn hard and seeing the results…

Hips Up.. Back Slightly Arched… Head in Neutral Position.. Weight on Heels… Shoulders Slightly over Bar… Not a Bad Set-Up Position for Deadlift..

Pat Busting out his Sit-Ups…

50 Inch Box Jump…

Thursday, June 10th, 2010 Vagabond Gym Schedule Morning Hours: Gym will be open
9:00 am and 10:00 am

Regular Hours for Afternoon

We will be hitting a monostructural workout for Thursday… Over the last month, I have implemented on every Thursday, solely a CrossFit Endurance Workout to ensure we are getting in our Sprints and also some Time Trials to work off of as the summer begins and people begin to take an interest in running events. My background is an endurance athlete and always welcome the task at hand to program towards running events. For some, you may look at the workout for Thursday, and say, “I cannot do that” or “I do not want to do that.” It will be a 2 Mile Time Trial Run. Please, do not come in, just because it says you have to run 2 miles. Look at the big picture, most of us Vagabonds, have ran almost 2 miles in a Metabolic Conditioning Workout with other movements programmed within the workout. Do not doubt yourself, come in and get the run in. Work on your weaknesses!! Only way we get better and work towards being a better overall athlete is honing in on our weaknesses. Also, do not do this at your house, come into Vagabond to be with the community, and also to work on our Skill Development for the Day. We do not hit longer Time Trials, so much, in CrossFit, but it has its place within the realm of a general physical preparedness program like CrossFit. It will only benefit you and take you to that next step. Do not Doubt! Only way we can know if we can do things, is if we try it first hand!!

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
High Knees to Sprints
Butt Kicks to Sprints
Carioca to Sprints
Lunge Progressions
Hip Openers

Skill Development Warm-Up: 2 Rounds
Snatch Balance x 10(45 lbs)
Overhead Squat x 10(45 lbs)
High Hang Snatch x 5(45 lbs)

Kevin’s Notes: The High Hang Snatch will be performed in the Position 3 of the Snatch. You will be standing tall with hips open, and snatching the bar. This is a full squat snatch.

“CrossFit Endurance Thursday Workout of the Day:
Time Trial: 3200 m Run(2 Miles)

Kevin’s Notes: This will be performed different for each athlete. For Advanced, this will be as fast as possible. Hold a solid pace, and never slow down. Keep track of your first mile and see if you can hold that for the second mile. For beginners or intermediate athletes, your goal is to hold a steady pace, and overall finish the 2 miles. Try Your Best and You Will be Pleasantly Surprised with your results.