What Do I Eat Before my 24 Hour Fasting??
A. Paleo Krunch
B. Almond Milk
C. Cinnamon
D. One Bannana

One of the Best Stories in the Vagabond Community… Dave walked through the Vagabond doors in December, looking for a new style of working out and had some goals… He is down over 30 lbs, following a strict Paleo Diet, and RX the Workout Today with 20 Muscle-Ups programmed in… Love it Dave!!

Some of the Vagabond Family Posing for a Picture…

Let’s Take the Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up Outside of Vagabond…

Not even a year ago, Ross was 40 lbs heavier looking for something new… Now he is doing RX Workouts and Pushing Those Limits of an Elite CrossFitter…

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Inch Worm
Lunge Progressions
Hip Openers
Bear Crawl
Butt Kicks

Skill Development/Vagabond Weekly Challenge:
A. Max Box Jump Height(5 Attempts)
B. Review of Push Jerk Technique

Workout of the Day: “Bear Complex II”
5 sets of:
5 Rounds of each movement:
Power Clean x 1
Front Squat x 1
Shoulder Press x 1
Push Press x 1
Push Jerk x 1

Rules for Bear Complex:
Each athlete will be given 5 attempts to take the heaviest load possible thru the Complex. Once the athlete starts the first movement(power clean), the bar cannot touch the ground, until completion of all 5 rounds. Once the bar touches the ground, the set is terminated. You may rest as needed between sets. There is no time component to this workout. Your goal is to go unbroken throughout each set. After each set is complete, you are asked to go up in weight. In total, you will do 25 repetitions for each set. So, if you complete the barbell complex without dropping the barbell on the ground, you will have completed 125 repetitions “unbroken”.

For example here is a scenario for the Barbell Complex:
Age: 18 years old

Malik has chosen to start with 75 lbs for his first set of the Barbell Complex. This is a weight he knows he can complete throughout the first set without putting down the bar. So Malik, starts off by power cleaning the weight by 1 rep, then goes to front squat for one rep, then goes to shoulder press for one rep, then goes to push press for one rep, and then goes to push jerk for one rep. This is one round completed, he cannot put the barbell down, he still has to finish 4 more rounds. Once he has finished the 5 rounds of the first set, he may rest as needed before he starts set two. For his second set, he has chosen to go up to 85 lbs. He then completes the barbell complex again by going through 5 more rounds. He then rests as needed, and continues to move onto his third set. He has chosen 95 lbs for his third set. As Malik moves through the first and second round quite easily, he hits a snag in his third round and drops the bar at the shoulder press movement. Since, he dropped the bar, his third set is complete and will move onto the fourth set. He has a choice of either staying at 95 lbs, or dropping down to a lighter weight.

Goals of the Barbell Complex:
A. To get the highest possible load, without letting the barbell touch the ground
B. Try to go unbroken, throughout all 5 sets.
C. This is not a timed event, but more of a mental toughness workout… Can you go through the 5 rounds without dropping the bar on the ground?
D. You may rest the bar on shoulders, in the rack position, or overhead…
E. Remember, you may rest as needed between sets!!!
F. Good Luck!!