AJ and Brucey Performing the “Fatal 50” Today…

Hayley and James hitting some Abmat Sit-Ups For Time…

Some Agility and Coordination Drills for Skill Development…

Less than a month in.. Big John is down 22 lbs and already performing RX Workouts…


Rest Day!!! Enjoy it..

“What’s on the Agenda For the Summer”

A whole lot of things will be happening at Vagabond this summer, as we will be holding a CrossFit certification hosted by Dr. Romanov, the creator of the Pose Running Technique. Ross and myself, are organizing a Vagabond Throwdown within the gym, as Vagabonds will compete against eachother, and have bragging rights who is the “Beast” of the gym. We will be holding various skill seminars for cheap money for all Vagabonds to attend and catch up on their form and technique. Check to right fo the webpage for times and dates of the various seminars.

Great Video of Brian Mckenzie(CrossFit Endurance) doing some Trail Runs with a Fall… This Guy is a Beast!!! He Falls, and does not complain, but gets right up and keeps running!!

Trail Run debacle from brian mackenzie on Vimeo.

VAGABOND TEAM RELAY EVENT: July 30th-July 31st, 2010 in Wakefield, Massachusetts..

The Preliminary Team is Set For Now: Total Cost for Team is 225$, so it works out to be about 30$ dollars a person, but I was thinking we can each throw in 40$, so we can get food and water for the event… Also, I am going to order about 50 Paleo Kits for people to munch on during the 24 hours…


1. Kevin

2. Ross

3. Melissa

4. Hayley

5. Katie

6. Ken

7. Ryan

8. Bruce

Shoulder be a fun event guys!!! Thanks for your dedication and determination… If we can, I would like to meet once a week as a group possibly during the week or Sunday Afternoon, to do some sprint work and what not…


Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:

90 Degree Quad Stretch

Shoulder Mobility

Power Skips

Lunge and Twist

Air Squats

Butt Kicks

Strength WOD:

Upper Body: Bench Press

3 sets of 5

Workout of the Day: 4 Rounds for Time of:

“Beema..Bentley.. Benzie”

15 Sumo Dead High Pulls @ 75/55

400 m Run

5 Muscle-Ups

Kevin’s Notes: For the Muscle-Ups, there will be different progressions through the workout… Some may do muscle up progressions from the knees… Some will do the standard ring dip/pull-up substitute…. or some will do a protocol of pull-ups/pvc dips… Any and All can be substituted to guarantee safety and proper training..

Scaling Options:

Advanced: Full Range of Motion Muscle-Ups

Intermediate: Progression Muscle-Ups(Box or Knee)

Beginner: Sub 12 Pull-Ups and 12 Ring Dips or PVC Dips for each Round…