Active Stretching… The Best Way to Prepare for What’s to Come…

Barbell Side Hops…

Great Second Pull by JT…

VAGABOND NEWS: Anyone interested in joining the Vagabond Team for the 24 Hour Race Around the Lake on July 30th and July 31st, please come see me and we will sign you up. We have about two spots left open… So come to me quickly… I want to have the team all set by next week, so we can start having a few training sessions before we take on our adventure in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Inch Worm
Hip Mobility Circuit
PVC Dislocates
Hindu Push-Ups
Duck Walk

Skill Development Warm-Up:
2 Rounds of the following:
Handstand Holds x 20 seconds
Pistols x 20(10 Right)(10 Left)
PVC Shoot Thrus x 10

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for time of:
30 Body Rows @ Feet Elevated on Object
20 Clapping Push-Ups
800 m Run

3 Rounds for Time of:
30 Body Rows @ Rings Lowered and Feet Walked Up Slightly More
20 Regular Push-Ups
600 m Run

3 Rounds for time of:
30 Body Rows @ Comfortable Position
20 Box or Knee Push-Ups
Run 400 m

Kevin’s Notes: The Body Rows will have scaling options.
Advanced: Feet on Box
Intermediate: Feet Walked up and Rings Lowered
Beginner: Regular Body Rows @ Comfortable Position and Full Range of Motion

The Body Rows will be completed with a straight back in a plank position… There is no kipping or bending of the back… This could cause injury and also negates the movement… The movement will be slow and controlled… No bouncing at the bottom… The lower the rings are the more straight your body will be to ensure a harder ring row… For Advanced Athletes we want to be using a box to increase our bodyweight percentage on the pulling movement. The scaled up version of a ring row, is basically a reverse push-up. We want a straight back, and keeping rings tight to our body, pulling ourselves up with a straight body in a good plank position.