Eat Paleo… Meal of the Week…
Four 4 Oz Grass Fed Chicken Breasts
8 oz of Scallops
2 Cups of Mushrooms
All Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Shoulder Mobility Circuit…

Great Sight in a CrossFit Gym… Two Different Generations Working Together..

Mike Getting His Frustration Out for The Day…

Icing…. Is It Really That Important?

Think of the last time you have pulled a muscle, or just tweaked something the wrong way. Now ask yourself, what did you after these minor injuries? A. Did You Ice? B. Did You Take 4 Advils? C. Do Nothing?
Well I hope everyone has answered question A because this is the right response. People greatly underestimate the affects of icing or taking ice baths. The first 48 hours are the most important for proper care for a strain or muscle pull. Most people think heat will do the trick and heal those ailing impairments. However, this could be just as worst as not doing anything at all. Heating the problem area could compound the problem. Heating the affected area could actually worsen the affects of the pull by opening up the muscles and the bloodstream to more toxic doses of potassium and so called mass amounts of fluids in your body. The best thing to do is to ice the affected area multiple times during the first 48 hours at doses of less than 10 minutes and then doing 3 sets of this for a period of time. Icing is a great way to reduce inflammation and also slow down the flow of toxic materials. Please, do not underestimate the affects of icing, as I know first hand the wonders it has done for me over the past few years. A small injury could lead to greater problems, if it is not treated the appropriate way..

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up: 20 seconds on/20 seconds off x 2 Rounds
Handstand Holds
Bear Crawl
PVC Dislocates
Tuck Jumps

Myofascia Release Warm-Up: 5 Minutes of Foam Rolling

ITB Band

Workout of the Day:
A. Weighted Pull-Ups 3-3-3-1-1-1
B. For Time: “50 Something”
50 Thrusters- Time Limit- 5 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes
50 Box Jumps- Time Limit- 3 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes
50 Push-Ups- Time Limit- 2 Minutes

Kevin’s Notes: On the Metabolic Conditioning Workout, you will have 3 different movements to complete within a Time Limit. We will retest this workout in a month from now, to see our improvement and progression with movements.. For the Thrusters, you will choose a weight that you believe you can finish in under 5:00 minutes… For the box jumps, all Vagabonds will use either 24 inch or 20 inch boxes… For the Push-Ups, they must be chest to deck with full lockout at the top… Everyone will get two minutes of rest, however, if you finish earlier than others, you will be rewarded with a longer rest period. So work hard during your Time Trials….