Dave Showing the Wonders of the Mobility Warm-Up…

Paleo Krunch Cereal Has Arrived.. Thank God to Steve from Steve’s Gym..

L-Sit Skill Development on Rings…

L-Sit Skill Development on Parallets…

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
High Knees
Broad Jumps
Lunge and Twist
Shoulder Mobility Circuit

Skill Development Warm-Up: 2 Rounds of the Following Movements:
25 Sledgehammer Hits(Right Side)
20 Ring Dips or 20 Bar Dips or 20 Push-Ups or 10 second Ring Hold x 6 sets
25 Sledgehammer Hits(Left Side)
20 Switch Lunges(10 each leg)

Workout of the Day:
For Time:
10 DB Swings
1 Burpee
9 DB Swings
2 Burpees
1 DB Swing
10 Burpees

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will use 55 lbs for DB Swings. Gals will use 35 lbs for DB Swings. For the Skill Development, you may use a band to do ring dips…. Also, for sledgehammer hits, complete 25 reps on the right side… Then do the next movement, then do 25 reps on the left side.. For the Metabolic Conditioning Workout, you will start with 10 DB Swings and 1 Burpee… and end with 1 DB Swing and 10 Burpees…