Overhead Squats…

Some Vagabonds Banging out Some Sit-Ups…

Dave Driving those Hips Forward…

Dean with Good Lockout Position in DB Swings… Ears Are Showing…

Vagabond CrossFit will be closed for Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

I have been to dozens of CrossFit Gyms throughout the East Coast, and even in our own gym, I have seen the kipping pull-up or butterfly pull-up used in every aspect of a workout. The Kipping Pull-Up is a great tool to use to be more efficient during your workouts and overall to get more work done in a period of time. However, I think some CrossFitters forget the functionality of the dead hang pull up or also known as the strict pull-up. The Kipping Pull-Up has its place in the gym and is a functional movement when we are talking about gymnastics. However, in some realms, the kipping pull-up is seen as way to cheat or overcome a persons lack of strength to get a strict pull-up. As CrossFitters, we are told to challenge ourselves and practice every aspect of fitness. One of those aspects of fitness is strength. A true pull-up in many standards would be to accomplish a strict pull-up. Not only is it great to be able to do strict pull-ups, but I feel it is very transferent to other movements in CrossFit. I believe admantly if you can perform more strict pull-ups, your pulling strength will improve on other lifts. If you can improve on your strict pull-ups, why wouldn’t it help your max numbers in deadlift, snatch variations, and clean variations. The answer is it would help those types of lifts because overall you have strengthen yourself in your pulling movement. At Vagabond CrossFit, I have tried to teach my clients the importance of the strict pull-up to improving their overall fitness. So, the next time a workout comes up thats says pull-ups, why don’t you try completing the workout with strict pull-ups. Now, with all this said I do not discount the fact that the kipping pull-up is not important and does not have its place. I am just saying it is good to mix it up once and awhile, and not to leave the strict pull-up out of your arsenal of fitness weapons.


Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Lunge and Twist
Lying Leg Raise
Clean Drops
Hip Explosive Drills

Skill Development Warm-Up: 2 Rounds of the following:
Hollow Rocks x 1:00 Minute
Supermans x 1:00 Minute

Workout of the Day:
A. Squat Cleans 2-2-2-1-1-1
B. Vagabond Weekly Challenge: 100 Mountain Climbers For Time
C. Sprint Work…
8 x 200 m Sprints…. Rest 1:30 Minute between each set… These are all out effort Sprints…

Foul: Isometric Squat Holds x 2:00 Minutes Total Time: If you go over your deviation, you will be penalized

Sprint Levels of Deviation:
Advanced: Hold 4 seconds from fastest time to slowest time
Intermediate: Hold 7 seconds from fastes time to slowest time
Beginner: Hold 10 seconds from fastest time to slowest time

Compare to June 19th, 2009