Pat, One of the Head Trainers at Steve’s Gym, looks on and takes score during the Team AMRAP..

My Mentor, Steve, looking on as the Guest Speaker gives us some inspirational chatter…

Ross and Myself…

Brucey and Ross…

This was a great event held by Steve from Steve’s Gym. It was truly an honor to be part of such a great event and to see what Steve has done with his non-profit organization for inner city youths. The atmosphere was so positive and everyone was so welcoming to the three Vagabonds that attended. Overall the weekend was filled with great guest speakers, a great workout, and a great night out with the people from Steve’s Gym. On another note, I was interviewed by Again Faster, with my hopes of starting a non-profit organization for recovering drug addicts and my aspirations to be part of the national program that Steve has setup for other affiliates to take part in helping at risk youths in the inner city across America. I wish I could relive this weekend over and over, but the dream must end soon. I have taken back some valuable information and have created a strong relationship with Steve over the last year. I will always be grateful for his help and his patience with my numerous calls and emails with trying to take part in this great program. One more thing, the Vagabond Team took second place in the Team Event out of about twenty teams. So I look at this as a success and an overall assessement that our programming is working inside Vagabond CrossFit. Thanks You Steve for everything and you are truly an inspiration in my life.

Workout of the Day: 5/17/10

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Inch Worm
Lunge and Twist
PVC Dislocates
Hip Openers

Active Warm-Up:
Row 500 m
Coach B Warm-Ups x 10 each
Run 400 m

Workout of the Day:
A. Squat Cleans 3-3-3-2-2-2
B. For As Many Reps as Possible:
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
3 Front Squat @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
5 Push Ups
Rest 3:00 Minutes
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
3 Push Press @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
15 Double Unders, or perform 5 double unders or 15 single unders
Rest 3:00 Minutes
AMRAP 4 Minutes of:
3 Thrusters @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
7 Toes to Bar

Kevin’s Notes: You will have 4 minutes during each AMRAP, to complete as many reps as possible.. You will have 3 minutes of rest period between each AMRAP, to ensure you get enough rest to hit each AMRAP with high intensity and the goal of reaching unbroken sets… Scale as needed for each movement…