Jared Working on His Muscle-Up…

Megatron finishing up his Burpees…

Paleo Treats on the Road….
Grok’s Treats Bars

Both are Paleo Friendly and a much healthier choice than most snacks when you are on the road…

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 Gym Hours:
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

VAGABOND NEWS: Ross, Brucey, and Myself have made it down to New Jersey after a epic journey of 7 and half hours of traffic filled fun… We are very excited about the opportunity to attend the fundraiser held by my friend, Steve, who runs a non-profit organization for inner city youths from Camden, New Jersey… Should be a great event and we also get a great team workout in as well…

As everyone knows, I have taken part in an 8 week program that centers around Olympic Lifting and Keeping up my Metabolic Conditioning during that time period. This week was filled with max effort lifts for an assessement of where we all stand and to use some numbers to work off of over the next 7 weeks. We have tackled max effort lifts in the snatch, clean and jerk, power snatch, power clean, weighted dips, weighted pull-ups, knees to elbows, push-ups, and so on… It should be interesting over the next 7 weeks to see where Dutch takes this program… I have already felt part of another community and feel I am already growing as a coach.. Here is a quote from Dutch Lowy himself about my training analysis and overall comments on my worrisome of my lifts ha ha.. Great Feedback from a Great Mind..

Thanks Dutch..

I am impressed with your knowledge of the lifts and ability to analyze your own lifting. I hope this does not offend you but in my experience it is best to work on 2 things per day.
Here are your two things for today:
1. try to maintain your back angle off the floor
2. Try to stay in your heels as long as possible.

Try to clear your mind and focus on these two things and it will make me happy… “

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Spiderman Lunge
Hip Openers
Bear Crawl

Active Warm-Up: 2 Rounds of the following movements:
Row 250 m
Squats x 10
Samson Stretch x 10
Push Press x 10
Run 200 m

Workout of the Day:
A1: AMRAP Strict Pull-Ups x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds
A2: AMRAP Push-Ups x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds
B. “Task Oriented Kelly”
AMRAP 15 Minutes of:
Run 200 m
Wall Balls x 10
Box Jumps x 10

Kevin’s Notes: For A1 and A2, you will perform as many reps as possible of pull-ups, then rest 1 minute, then you will perform as many reps as possible of push-ups, rest 1 minute, and complete it in this pattern for 3 sets… Scale if needed… Select a band for pull-ups if you cannot perform RX pull-ups… If you are a beginner, you may use rings for a body row…

For the Metabolic Conditioning Workout, Guys will use 20 lbs for wall balls. Gals will use 14 lbs for wall balls. Guys and Girls will perform 24 inch box jumps.
Scaled if needed for any of the movements… Be smart and always keep in mind where your power output will be most successful…