Gym will be closed on Sunday, April 25th, 2010…

Gym Hours will go back to regular times starting on Monday… Check to right of the webpage for days and times for scheduling…

Another Nice Position on the Front Squat by Billy… Ass to Grass with elbows in good rack position!!

Weighted Vest for Bridget on today’s workout and not bad Pose Form by both, except let’s bring those arms in!!

Nice Positioning of the Elbows by Coach Ross on the Front Squat…

Melissa legging out the last 10 meters of her sprint… Also she Pr’d on Power Cleans Today.. Great Job Mel!!

Quote of the Week:
“There is only one person who can stop me. That person is me.”

Lebron James

What is the new strength program that you have implemented into Vagabond CrossFit? This is the question I have been getting over the last few weeks. Well here is a little history about the MAX EFFORT BLACK BOX and where it came. Michel Rutherford or Coach Rut as he is known in the fitness world, created the Max Effort Black Box in 2003 to supplement the negatives he was seeing inside his gym. He was programming the CrossFit HQ( workouts into his gym and was noticing he was scaling back alot of his workouts because many of his clients could not RX the workouts because of strength issues. His purpose was to increase strength in his clients and use the conjugate method, or max effort output at or around 90% of your max effort for each type of lift. He knew that CrossFit was a constantly varied program that delved into all different types of powerlifts or olympic lifts. So he came up with a 3 week rotation of 3 different lifts that concentrated on the total body, lower body, and upper body. His rep scheme consisted of the first week being 5-5-5-3-3-3, the second week being 3-3-3-1-1-1, and the third week being 3-3-3-1-1-1. Most importantly he notes that the max effort lifts will come within the last 5th or 6th set. So, he did not want people wearing themselves out on the first few sets, because you would not reach a max effort by your 5th or 6th set. The program has grown over the last 7 years and has seen vast improvement in focusing on strength issues that some or most people encounter through their CrossFit training. Within Vagabond CrossFit, we have already seen PR’s within the first month and more RX workouts being completed because of this strength program. Also, with the strength program implemented many of our metabolic conditioning workouts will be under the 15 minute mark and even less, since we are already taxing our Central Nervous System due to the fact of our max effort lifts. Also, we do assistance exercises 3 days a week to assist in our lifts and also build up our posterior chain(hip flexors, glute, hams, etc..). I have complete confidence in this program and cannot wait to see more results.