VAGABOND NEWS: Every month I will be handing out the title of Vagabond of the Month. The details surrounding this will not only be accomplishments in the fitness realm, but what each person gives to community and what their dedication to their fitness is…

The First Vagabond of the Month is……..

Yes, Brucey has been a staple in Vagabond CrossFit over the last 6 months, and has helped or done pretty much everything surrounding the nuts and bolts of getting Vagabond on its feet. He has helped me financially, building things from boxes, dip bars, painting, and everything else. He puts 100% effort into his workouts and always wants to better himself physically. Take for example 6 months ago, he could not do an overhead squat with a PVC pipe… It was frustrating to say the least for both of us, but he kept working and working, and finally he can now safely overhead squat the barbell with little problem… I know this does not seem much you say, a BARBELL!!!, but its the effort he put in and the constant diligence of trying to make it work. I am sure there is a Brucey in every CrossFit Gym, but out of all those Brucey’s, I think we got the best One… and do not worry Bruce, we will fix that front squat of yours!!!

Snatch Balance Work…

Myself and Wes, who came down to visit from New York… Look out for this kid at Regionals.. Top 10 Finish at the New York/New Jersey Sectionals..

Come on In for a Make-Up WOD or Just Practice Some Skills..
Hours on Sunday, April 18th, 2010
8:00 am to Noon

VAGABOND REMINDER: Next week will begin the free session for any newcomers who want to take part in some introductory CrossFit Classes. Any Vagabond, who brings in a interested person and they sign up, will get a referal credit for their next month’s gym fees… One Free Introductory Day is allowed for the newcomer…