Melissa in proper form for the Low Bar Back Squat…

Great Job by Ross Today… 8:12 on Helen.. PR by 40 seconds…

Back Squat Anyone…

Here at Vagabond, we always have a Dynamic Warm-Up to hit certain areas of muscles and to properly prepare our muscles for our workouts..

Dynamic/Mobility Warm-Up: 5-7 Minutes of the following movements:
90 Degree Quad Stretch
Frog Stretch
Cobra Stretch
Hockey Lunge
Duck Walk

Active Warm-Up: 1 Round of the following movements:
Run 400 m
PVC Dislocates x 20
Wide Push-Ups x 10
Coach B Warm-Up x 10 each: Done with barbell
Up and Down
Elbows High and Outside
Muscle Clean
Power Clean
Squat Clean
Front Squat

Workout of the Day:
A. Hollow Rocks into Supermans x 4 sets x 1:00 Minute, rest 45 secs between sets
B. 7 sets for As Many Reps As Possible:
DB Push Press x 30 secs
Rest 30 secs
DB Burpee x 30 secs(Dumbbells will be held at side, when you complete jump)
Rest 30 secs

Kevin’s Notes: For the hollow rocks into supermans, you will perform a max of 30 seconds of hollow rocks, then roll over into a superman and do that for 30 seconds. For the dumbbell workout, you will use 15-25% of your bodyweight for each dumbbell movement… You will rest 1:1 ratio.. Meaning you will do each movement for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds… For the dumbbell burpees, you will do a burpee, then jump up with the dumbbells held at your sides, do not put dumbbells overhead when you perform the jump…