This is by far the best contraption for working your way up to dead hang muscle-up…
Thank You Leo Subbotine…

How Do You Get the Flexibility and Neurological Memory to Perform a Squat?
This is a debated question, but one of the most simplest questions I can answer as a CrossFit Trainer. The way you can better your squat and increase your range of motion is to just squat. Neurological your body will adapt to the motion and in the meantime stretch those glutes, hams, and basically the posterior chain that drives the squat to perfection.

VAGABOND NEWS: This is for all Brockton and surrounding area Police and Fire Departments of the South Shore. Between the dates of April 17th and April 24th, Vagabond CrossFit will offer free introduction classes to all personnel of police and fire departments. This week will be free of charge and a opportunity for all our hard working men and women to see the benefits of the CrossFit methodology in their everyday lives.

Dynamic/Mobility Warm-Up: 5-7 Minutes of the following movements:
Inch Worm
Hip Openers
Pigeon Stretch
Calf Openers

Active Warm-Up: 1 Round of the following movements:
Row 500 m
Coach B Warm-Ups:
Down and Up x 10
Elbows High and Outside x 10
Muscle Clean x 10
Power Clean x 10
Squat Clean x 10
Front Squat x 10
Run 400 m

Workout of the Day:
A.Power Cleans 5-5-5-3-3-3
B. L-Sits on Paralletes x 5 seconds x 10 sets
C.7 Rounds @ 20%-25% of Bodyweight:
5 DB Hang Power Clean
5 DB Push Press
5 Knees to Elbows
Finish with 500 m Row