Dumbbell Lunge Death Storm….

VAGABOND NEWS: As everyone has heard and noticed through my raves and rants of proper running form through the use of Pose Running, we will have a special guest visit us in the month of August. Dr. Romanov the founder and creator of the Pose Method will grace us with his presence for two days with teaching the basic principles of the Pose Running Form. The link is to the right of the page and is a great opportunity to really improve on your running form and stop those nagging injuries.

Mobility/Dynamic Warm-Up: 5-7 minutes of the following movements:
Flutter Kicks
Frog Stretch
Cobra Stretch
Bend and Touch Toes
Duck Walk

Active Warm-Up: 1 Round of the following:
Row 500 m
Back Squat x 10(45 lbs)
Kipping Swings x 10
Inch Worm x 10 m
Run 400 m

Workout of the Day:
Back Squat 3 sets of 5 @ 85% of 5RM
Rest 3:00 Minutes
Advanced: GHD Raises 3 sets of 10

Intermediate: Back Extensions- 3 sets of 10
Beginner: Supermans- 3 sets of 10
Rest 5:00 Minutes
“Speedy Helen with Time Component”
AMRAP 12 Minutes of:
Run 200 m
DB Swings x 12 @ Guys-55 lbs/Gals-35 lbs
Pull-Ups x 6