Max Crucifix Holds… Great Outting by Dillon with holding 20 lbs for 46 seconds..

Dynamic/Mobility Warm-Up:
Do for 5 to 7 Minutes of:
Lunge and Twist
Duck Walk
Frog Stretch
Cobra Stretch

Active Warm-Up:
3 Rounds at steady pace of:
Row 150 M
Overhead Squat x 10
PVC Dislocates x 15
Front Squat x 5
Inch Worm x 10 m

Workout of the Day:
Deadlift 3 sets of 5 @ 85% of 5 rep max
Rest 3:00 Minutes
10 Rounds of:
Run 200 m or Row 250 m(You Choose due to inclement weather)
Squat Cleans x 3 @ 115/75
Burpees x 5
Time Limit: 4:00 Minutes

Kevin’s Notes: For the Conditioning Workout of the Day, you will be asked to complete the following movements of run 200 m or row 250 m, squat cleans, and burpees within 4:00 minutes. So for example, if it takes you 3:00 minutes, then you are rewarded with a 1:00 minute rest period before the next round begins. You will complete ten rounds of this triplet. However, if you take more than 4:00 minutes to complete a round, then you will skip the following round and basically be penalized by not taking part in the next round. So, I emphasis to work as fast as you can during each round.