One More Day till Sectionals in Connecticut… John is Ready to Go and Show New England what he is made of….

VAGABOND NEWS: I would like to welcome some more newcomers to the Vagabond Family…. Glad to have you Victor and Kelly… Both serve our country proudly in the United States Army…

Kevin Getting Some Air on His Broad Jump!!!

Mobility Warm-Up: 10 reps of each movement:
Lunge and Twist
Iron CrossOver
Hip Openers
Cobra Stretch

Active Warm-Up:
Run 400 m
3 Rounds at Steady Pace of:
Overhead Squats x 10(PVC Pipe)
Inch Worm x 10 M
Back Squat x 10(45 lbs)
High Knees x 20 m

Workout of the Day:
Back Squat 3 sets of 3 @ 15% of 3 Rep Max- Sets Across
Rest 4:00 Minutes
Skin the Cats x 3-5 reps x 3 sets
Rest 3:00 Minutes
4 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat x 15 @ @40% of Bodyweight
Weighted Sit-Ups x 21

Kevin’s Notes: The Back Squats will be performed as if it is a deload week as we prepapre to hit one rep maxes within the next week and a half. You will take 15% of your 3 rep max and multiply by 15% and use this as sets across. The Metabolic Conditioning will be done quick and fast, as the Overhead squats will be performed at lightweight with the concentration of going unbroken and hitting them with speed and intensity. The weighted sit-ups will be performed with a medicine ball, to activate the hip flexors more throughout the movement.