Congrats to Ryan and Ross for completing a 11 mile rucksack journey with 55 lbs pack into their bags… I myself could not partake in this adventure, due to prior obligations at the Vagabond Facility(which I got called many names, such as “Not a True Vagabond”)… However, just to let everyone know, we have created a VAGABOND ADVENTURE TEAM, were we will try to conquer bizarre races with doing extraordinary things…

First Event: Boston Marathon-26.2 miles with 45 lbs packed into a rucksack…

Barry Sears on Silent Inflammation and the Benefits of Fish Oil intake:

Although you can not feel Silent Inflammation, your body mounts a hormonal response in an attempt to dampen its affect at the molecular level. If not contained, you now rapidly accumulate additional body fat. When inflamed fat cells go bad, Silent Inflammation exits the cell, enters the plasma and becomes systemic increasing numerous health risks related to heart, brain and immune function. Silent Inflammation not only makes you fat and keeps you fat, but erodes your wellness.

Ccontrolling and minimizing Silent Inflammation is the desired hormonal foundation for successful weight loss and optimal heart, brain and immune function. You will not only affect your quality of life today, but many years in the future.

Efficient reduction of silent inflammation requires using high dose ultra refined fish oil. These fatty acids aid in thinning the blood, which helps reduce inflammation factors in joints and blood vessels. This allows for better circulation in the heart and brain as well as reducing aches and pains. Omega-3 has also been shown to increase HDL “good cholesterol” levels This may explain why populations that consume the most fish have the lowest rates of autoimmune disorders in the world.

Mobility Warm-Up: 10 reps of each movement:

Jump Switch Spiderman Lunge(Push Hips Forward)

Arm Circle Forward

Arm Circle Backward

Hockey Side Lunges

Frog Stretch

Cobra Stretch

Active Warm-Up:

Row 750 m

3 Rounds at steady pace of:

Kipping Swings x 10

Thrusters x 10(barbell)

SDHP x 10(barbell)

Squats x 10

Workout of the Day:

A1: Back Extensions- 3 sets x 12

A2: Advanced/Intermediate:Barbell Roll-Outs- 3 sets x 6

Beginner: Plank Holds- 3 sets x 30 seconds

Rest 4:00 Minutes

AMRAP 15 Minutes of:

10 DB Swings

12 Broad Jumps

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Skill Development: 3 Rounds at Own Pace of: – Advanced:2 Muscle-Ups

Intermediate: 2 Muscle-Up Progressions from Knees

Beginner: 4 Pull-Ups and 4 Ring Dips or 4 Parallete Dips

Box Jumps x 10 @ 24 inch/20 inch

Kevin’s Notes: For the back extensions and barbell roll-outs, rotate between the two movements… So you perform back extensions first, then you perform barbell roll-out or plank holds… Do each for 3 sets…

For the AMRAP, guys will use 45-55 lbs for DB Swings… Gals will use 25-35 lbs for DB Swings… Guys will use 95 lbs for Sumo Deadlift High Pulls. Gals will use 65 lbs for Sumo Deadlift High Pull..