“Army Ryan” using his training skills to teach Ashley how to climb the rope…

Mobility Warm-Up: 10 reps of each:

Forward Kicks

Backwards Kicks

Inch Worm x 10 m

High Knee Tuck into Lunge

Switch Lunges

Active Warm-Up:

Row 750

3 Rounds at steady pace of:

Samson Stretch x 10

PVC Dislocates x 20

Hip Openers x 10

Workout of the Day:

Split Squats x 4-6 reps(each leg) x 3 sets- Using DB’S @ box knee height

Rest 3:00 Minutes

Ring Rows x 10-12 reps x 3 sets(concentrating on slow, controlled movement)

Rest 5:00 Minutes

“Broken Down Cindy”

AMRAP 4 Minutes x 5 sets of:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

15 Squats

Rest 1:30 Minute between Rounds

Kevin’s Notes: For Split Squats we will be using dumbbells to perform this movement. One Leg will be on a box at about knee height with full depth at leg on box reaching ground. This will be an introductory strength movement, that will be performed at lightweight. These are great for building strength in the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and benefitting the flexibility of your hip flexors. The Workout of the Day will be a broken down Cindy into 5 sets. Each set will be 4 minutes long with your goal of completing as many rounds as possible in that given time.