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What Constitutes for a Proper Warm-Up?
This question is posed to me every now and then, and at different points I will give different responses. For every workout, every exercise, and every physical realm, I believe there are proper and improper warm-ups to each different aspect of fitness that we attack in a CrossFit Gym. The first part of this series will be on a proper warm-up before any weightlifting exercise, mainly around the deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, power clean, and back squat. So What do we Do?
My recommendation and basic studies over the last year of anaylsis is to always warm-up with some type of monostructural workout. STAY AWAY FROM ELLIPITCALS OR WALKING ON A TREADMILL, as this does not properly warm-up the body and stays away from adequate range of motion and less muscle mass. Warm-up with 5 minutes on a rowing machine, exercise bike, or light running. Then go right to the barbell for your warm-up sets. Now this is the tricky part. I see all over gyms and even in Vagabond CrossFit, people just jumping right into their heavy sets of lifting. This is a NO-NO. How can your body already be prepared for heavy sets, if you have not even properly warmed up your central nervous system through neurological memory. Let’s face it, most people in a CrossFit Gym are not Jason Khalipa’s or Mikko Salo’s, we are average everyday athletes looking to better ourselves through the CrossFit Regime. First, you start off with just warming up with the barbell and preparing your body for the movement at hand. After you have conquered the barbell, move up in weight or increments for 3 to 5 sets until you are ready to handle the work set weight. We must understand the importance of the warm-up sets. These are warm-up sets, not heavy sets. These are meant to prepare for the work sets, not interfere with them. If your last warm-up set is to close to your WORK SET, it will fatigue you, rather than warm you up. So Be Smart and Be Prepared!!