Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups… John has less than 3 weeks before Sectionals….

Vagabond Shoutouts: We did “Fran’ on Monday and saw some sweet PR’s by some of our Vagabonds: Here are some notables worth mentioning


Megatron: July 09- Fran RX: 12:02/ March 2010- Fran Rx: 6:34

Ellen: July 09- Fran with 45 lbs and Green Band at Rep Scheme of 12-8-5/ March 2010: Fran with 65 lbs and Red Band at Rep Scheme of 21-15-9- Under Ten Minutes

Jared: Fran at RX in January of 2010 at Certification- DNF/ Fran RX: 7:23

RG: First Time Doin “Fran”: 5:50

Bridget: First RX Fran: 5:56

Broken Foot at 75 lbs and RX Pull-Ups: Under 8:00 mins

Ham: First Time doing Fran at Blue Band and RX Thrusters- 5:29

Great Job Guys!!

Warm-Up: 2 Rounds of:

Jump Rope x 1:30

Plank Holds on Elbows x 1:00 Min

Walking Lunges x 20(10 each leg)

Deadlift x 10 @ 95 lbs(Men)/ 65 lbs(Women)

Strength WOD: Deadlift 3-3-3

Met-Con WOD(Inspired by OPT):

Back Squat x 30

Row 1000 m

Buy-Out: Foot Transition Drills for Snatch and Clean x 3:00 Minutes

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will use Bodyweight for Back Squat. Gals will use 75% of their bodyweight for back squats. This is an all out effort. Try to go unbroken on Back Squats or near limit. All out effort on Row…