Due to Prior Obligations, I posted the workout extra early for all Vagabonds to see 24 hours earlier than usual.. Enjoy and Get Ready for a SHOWDOWN…

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at steady pace of:
Row 250 m
Box Jumps x 10
Side Hops x 15
Tuck Jumps x 20

Strength WOD: Shoulder Press 3-3-3- Go for a new PR, and get Heavy real quick with your reps…

Due the following movements for As Many sets as Possible:
A: AMRAP set of 5 Push Press in 2:30 seconds- 75 lbs/45 lbs
Rest excatly 1 Minute
B: AMRAP set of 10 DB Walking Lunges in 3:00 minutes- Choose Appropriate weight
Rest exactly 1:30 seconds
C:AMRAP set of 15 Front Squat in 4:00 minutes- 65 lbs/45lbs
Rest exactly 2:00 minutes
D: AMRAP set of 20 DB Swings in 5:00 minutes- 45-55 lbs/25-35 lbs

Kevin’s Notes: For each movement you will have a time period of how many sets you can accomplish in that given time period. For example, when you perform 5 push press, you must rack the weight and that counts as one set. You then will pick up weight again and perform 5 push press.. You will continue this procedure for 2:30 seconds with the goal of reaching as many sets as possible in that given time period.

Buy-Out: Max Plank Side Holds on Left Side
Max Plank Side Holds on Right Side

*Friends Across the Country*
Recently I have been in contact with owner of CrossFit Unlimited out in California, Austin, about programming and the On Ramp Program. He has give me great insight into how to be a better coach and overall a better trainer for all you Vagabonds. He is very well respected across the CrossFit Community as a great programmer and the coach for the 2008 CrossFit Games Champion, Jason Khalipa. Check out his website and drop him a line on his comments. He is a great guy with a great mind.