Static Ring L-Sit Holds( Scaled to Holding Knees up) and Static Dead Hangs done during our Tempo Workout… I am proud of my Vagabonds over the last month with their hard work and effort they have put in…

Gym Hours on Saturday, February 20th, 2010

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Warm-Up: 4 Rounds at Steady Pace of:

Run 100 m

Handstand Attempts x 3

Wide Stance Push-Ups x 5

Squats x 7

Leg Overs x 10(5 each side)

Strength WOD: Front Squat 3-3-3- Go For a PR…

Met-Con WOD: Every Saturday now, we will participate in Jason Khalipa’s Challenge from Santa Clara, California.. It will give us some good measuring points of where we stand as athletes and as a CrossFit Gym.. Here is a video of the standards that he wants us to meet during the Met-Con WOD…

Row 500 m

5 Rounds of:

10 Wall Balls @20 lbs/14 lbs

10 Power Snatch @ 95 lbs/65 lbs

Finish with a:

Row 500 m

Buy-Out: 30 Squat Cleans @ 65 lbs/45 lbs… Concentrate on Speed and Technique.. The weight will be light, so we should be concentrating on our 3 pull movements…