John Doing Some OPT and Bridget doing Some Accomodating Work to Strengthen her Back and Hamstrings and Glutes…

Warm-Up: 4 Rounds at a Steady Pace of:

Bear Crawl x 20 m

Thrusters x 10(45lbs)

Kipping Swings x 7

Side Hops x 20

Strength WOD: Box Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Kevin’s Notes: On the Box Squat make sure you follow the following steps provided:

1. Feet are wider than the regular squat…

2: When descending push glutes or butt back almost reaching to the box

3. Next, push the knees out to the sides.

4. Remember always to keep the back super arched by keeping your chest up while in the bottom of the squat.

5. When you are on the box, remember to relax your glutes, hams and hips.. When you are ready to explode out of the bottom of the box, flexed all those muscles and drive up forcefully, almost jumping off the box.

6. Finally your knee joint should almost be in line with the hip joint or in line with your ankle.. This is where it differs from the regular squat because your knees will not be tracking over your feet, but actually your knees ideally should be almost behind your ankles or hip joint.

7. Finally, Finally, the box squat is much harder than the regular back squat, so in terms we are really preparing ourselves for a better and higher regular back squat. It really emphasizes strength in the glutes, hams, and hips… Which are all great benefactors to transfer over great for the regular back squat in time..

Met-Con WOD: 4 Rounds for time of:

Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 21 @ 15-20% of Bodyweight

Wall Balls x 15

Row Sprint x 250 m(As Fast and Powerful As Possible)

Buy-Out: Big Dawgs: Ring Dips x 50- For Time

Pack: Bar Dips x 50- For Time

Pups: Ring Holds x 2:00 Minutes Total Time

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will use 20 lbs for Wall Balls. Gals will use 12-14 lbs on Wall Balls. Remember to use 15-20% of Bodyweight on Dummbbell Hang Power Cleans. YOU MUST DUE THE BUY-OUT EVERYDAY!!! THERE IS A RHYME AND REASON FOR IT- IT IS SKILL WORK AND WILL ONLY BENEFIT YOU IN THE LONG RUN!!!