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Vagabond Open Gym Time on Sunday, February 7th, 2010… 9:00 am to noon

On Ramp Part 2 Series.. What are the Benefits?

About two weeks ago, I published a response on the benefits of the On Ramp Program that is implemented into the Vagabond Regiment. Firstly, the On Ramp is programmed towards new beginners into CrossFit. It gives a basic structure for the newbie to concentrate on form, technique, and why we do these movements in a safe manner. Robb Wolff of CrossFit NorCal came up with the program because he felt some CrossFit gyms were lacking in supplying new clients with a sound, solid structure to better equip the person with detailed training and easing them into the hard, extreme realm of CrossFit. I have implemnted this program into Vagabond CrossFit over the last 5 months and have seen drastic results within the first month of each person who has been put on this program. It first sets up a good basis for the new client with the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. Also, it eases each client into metabolic conditioning workouts, in which, most are not accustom to in their past lives. It goes over nutrition, proper stretching, proper form, and safely puts the client out of harms way. However, do not think it is a easy month. It challenges the person to their physical capabilities and prepares them for the long road ahead into the CrossFit world. The results we have seen have been astonishing to say the least. We first start the person out on a basic first workout that entails the squat, push-up, and body row movement with a monostructural exercise in between. We then test that same workout a month later to see if they have improved in their power output and also their endurance and stamina aspect of fitness. We have seen drastic drop offs in their time component and also in their physical capability to finish the workout with such ease and make them realize how far they have come in the last month. I am truly happy with this program and will be keeping it in Vagabond CrossFit as our staple to elite fitness.