We made it to Pennsylvania… and Jared preparing for the weekend…

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at steady pace:
20 m Inch Worm/10 Jumping Pull-Ups/20 m Bear Crawl/Run 100 m

Skill of the Day: Inverted Hangs/Skin the Cats/Ball Ups

Strength WOD/Tempo WOD/Short Met-Con WOD:

A1: Press Cluster @ 1-1-1-1-1 by 3 sets- Near 5 Rep Max for Shoulder Press at the end- Rest 90 seconds
A2: Deadlift @ 55% of 1 Rep Max by 8 reps x 3 sets @ Tempo of 21X1 Rest 60 seconds

Rest 7:00 Minutes

Short Met-Con: 21-15-9 of:
Row Calories

Kevin’s Notes: For the Press Cluster, you will do this by performing Shoulder Press for all reps… You will do 1 rep, reset the bar and rest 10 seconds…Then pick up bar and do 1 more rep… up until you complete all 5 reps.. You will do 3 sets of this particuliar movement.. Then you will do deadlift @ 55% of 1 rep max at a tempo shown above… You will then rest, and complete short met-con.. Men will use 95 lbs… Women will use 45-65 lbs…

Tempo WOD: Deadlift
Start at third number
X- Raise bar quickly concentrating on form and technique, but with speed..
1- Rest at top of position for 1 second
2- Lower bar down to ground for 2 second count
1-Rest at start position for 1 second

If, you do not have 1 rep max in deadlift or 5 rep max in shoulder press… Then Find those on Saturday… We must get accurate data before we attempt tempo workouts… So do not perform tempo wods for shoulder press and deadlift, if you do not have maxes in those particuliar areas, but go for a 1 rep max in deadlift and 5 rep max in shoulder press…