Jared doing the dreaded Jump Over Box Workout… 3 Boxes.. 3 Jump Overs. 2:00 minutes of Misery…

Warm-Up: 2 Rounds of the following:
1:00 Minute of Double Under Practice

5 Handstand Attempts

Skill of the Day: Coach B Warm-Ups
2 Rounds of the following:
Down and Up x 6
Elbows High and Outside x 6 Muscle Snatch x 6
Snatch Lands x 6
Snatch Drops x 6
Overhead Squat x 6

Strength WOD: Deck Power Snatch- Find a 1 Rep Maximum in 10:00 Minutes
You Choose the Rep scheme, but do not go any higher than 3 reps…

Met-Con WOD: Time Trial Barbell Complex

5 Rounds for Total Reps of the following:
Deck Power Clean x :30 seconds
Front Squat x :30 seconds
Push Press x :30 seconds
Back Squat x :30 seconds
Push Press x :30 seconds
Rest 2:00 mins between each round

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will start at 65 lbs. Gals will start at 35 lbs. Everytime you complete a round, go up ten lbs. So on the second round, guys will do 75 lbs. Gals will do 45 lbs. Get as many reps as possible between each 30 second movement…