Push Press at Full Locked Out Position… ShoulderS fully extended, hips fully extended, and head driving forward…

Warm-Up: 4 Rounds at own pace:
Bear Crawl x 20 m/ Squats x 10/Hop over Barrier x 15/Kipping Swing x 10

Skill/Strength WOD: Turkish Get-Ups 6 x 3

Kevin’s Notes: On the strength wod for Turkish Get-Ups… You will do six sets for 3 reps.. However 1 set count as 3 reps on the right arm and 3 reps on the left arm… so for a total of 6 reps for 1 set… Go up in weight and go for a 3 rep maximum..

Vagabond Met-Con WOD:
A1: Skin the Cats 5 x 3- Rest 60 seconds
A2: Ring Push-Ups or Regular Push-Ups 5 x 10 @ Tempo 22X2 Rest 60 seconds

Rest 7:00 Mins
5 Rounds for time of:
AMRAP Pull-Ups
Run 400 m

Kevin’s Notes: The first part of the workout is a skill workout and tempo workout… You will do 3 reps of Skin the Cats, then rest 60 seconds… You will then move onto either Ring Push-Ups or Regular Push-Ups for 10 reps at a tempo of 2202… You will move back and forth from skin the cats and push-ups for 5 sets for each… The following tempo will be for the push-ups…
2: Lower down into push-up
2: Hold push-up for 2 seconds down at bottom
X: From bottom position, rise up with speed and quickness
2: Hold for 2 seconds at top of position, before you descend to the bottom

The Second part of the workout is 5 rounds for time of:
Do as many pull-ups as you can without coming off the bar… When you reach failure on the pull-ups, go run 400 m… Then complete all over again for 5 rounds…