Muscle-Up Progressions- The Best Way to Conquer that First Muscle-Up…

Vagabond News/On Ramp Success: Congrats to Dave and Jodi for completing the On Ramp Program… Following Results have been Dave has lost a total of 10 lbs and 2 waist sizes over the last month. Dave has also completed RX Pull-Ups through a workout and completed a Handstand Push-Up. Jodi has completed RX push-ups during a workout and also knee to elbows and conquered the Dumbbell Clean..

Also for here are their results from their first workout a month ago, and then they did that workout again 2 days ago to see where they improved on their times and also to show that their endurance and stamina had improved greatly…

Jodi’s First Workout- 200 m Run/12-9-6 of: Squats/Push-Ups/Body Rows/200 m Run-9:17

Jodi’s Second Workout- 5:29

Dave First Workout-

200 m Run/15-12-9 of: Squats/Push-Ups/Body Rows/200 m Run- 8:44

Second Time Around( A Month Later) Same Workout-5:44

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at Own Pace:
Run 200 m
Burpees x 7
Samson Stretch x 10( 5 each leg)

Skill of the Day: L-Sits on Paralletes x Total of 90 seconds

Strength WOD: Rest Day

Met-Con WOD: For Time of the Following Movements:
50 DB Thrusters
50 DB Deadlifts
50 DB Hang Power Cleans
50 DB Walking Lunges

Kevin’s Notes: The Dumbbells will be used at 12-20% of your Bodyweight. You Choose your physical capability. You cannot move onto the next exercise without completing all 50 reps for each movements.. So you must complete 50 DB Thrusters before you move onto 50 DB Deadlifts…