The Now vs. The Future…

Who Wants to Get Stronger??

This is the question that is asked to many CrossFitters, and their answer is always “Yes..” However, how do we get there and how is it done. As we all know I do stray away from CrossFit at times and concentrate on other fitness principles and try to get the whole realm of fitness. We concentrate heavily on strength movements, tempo style progressions, and functional movements. However, how can we get stronger in our press movements and most of all the glorious deadlift movement. My theory and many others like CrossFit 603 from New Hampshire is to use linear wave progression strength bias. This meaning we will concentrate on two movements over a 5 week period with met-cons built into the training program. Yes, the next question I will get is “I thought CrossFit was supposed to be constantly varied movements performed at high intensity”.. This a great physical regiment, but does it hurt to dip into other training programs and take some quality knowledge from other legit trainers out there in the world from different training background. That is what CrossFit does anyways with their speciality certifications like gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and so on… So within the next few weeks we will be starting a 5 week program that will strictly concentrate on the shoulder press and deadlift.. They will be performed 5 times throughout the week with built in met-cons.. The obvious goal is to GET STRONGER during that period.. So do not fret, you will not lose your metabolic conditioning workouts, and in the long run this new training program will build up your strength in those two movements, but also increase your lifts in other movements…

Why You Get Fat?

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at own Pace:

Side Hops over barrier x 15/ Bear Crawl x 20 m/ Squats x 15/ PVC Dislocates x 12

Skill of the Day: Coach B Warm-Ups- Clean Style

Up and Down x 6

Up and Down Elbows High and Outside x 6

Muscle Clean x 6

Clean Lands x 6

Clean Drops x 6

Front Squat x 6

Strength WOD: Sumo Deadlift High Pull 10-10-10

Kevin’s Notes: On the SDLHP, you will get a stance wider than shoulder width with weight on heels.. Your shoulders will be slightly in front of the bars… Go up in weight for each 10 rep scheme, but concentrate on form and technique…

Met-Con WOD: “Dead Run”

6 Rounds for time of:

Deadlift x 12

400 m Run

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will use 225 lbs on Deadlift. Gals will use 135 lbs.