The Box Squat is used by many professional powerlifters and is great for building up hamstring strength… The steps are simple, but a very complicated movement, as many people lack the hamstring strength or flexibility… It’s always good to be versatile in every movement…

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at Own Pace:
Bear Crawl x 20 m/ Arm Circles Forward x 20/ PVC Dislocates x 15/ Arm Circles Backwards x 20/Plank Position Hold in Push-Up x 15 seconds/ Wide Grip Push-Up x 5/ Reverse Grip Push-Up x 5

Kevin’s Notes: This warm-up is for opening up the shoulder girdle and preparing our shoulders for the Push Press. The Plank Position is just a regular push-up position, but you will be pushing off the ground, contracting the shoulders to full flexion. The Wide Grip Push-Up is what it says. The Reverse Push-Up is turning your fingers towards your body.

Skill of the Day: Turkish Get Ups x 5:00 mins of practice

Strength WOD: Push Press 5-5-5-3-3-3

Met-Con WOD: “The Ladder” 1-10-1
DB Swings

Kevin’s Notes: Start at one rep for dumbbell swing, perform 1 DB Swing, then perform 1 Burpee.. Continue up to 10 reps, then work your way back down to one rep for each…
Guys will use 45-55 lbs. Gals will use 25-35 lbs.