When is the Snow Going to Stop…???!!


Part 1 of a Part 3 Series by Kevin O’Malley

The question I get from beginners who walk into the Vagabond Community. The first thing we do at Vagabond CrossFit is to try to get a good sense of your physical capability and your physical prowess. I am totally against throwing people into the lion’s den of CrossFit and breaking them down to no end. CrossFit in general is hard for the elite CrossFitters, so why would we want to throw someone who is new to CrossFit with strenous, demanding, and intense workouts? The answer is simple. You do not want to do this, if you care about the client and their well being.I have seen to many times, at other globo gyms or even some CrossFit gyms, people are thrown into RX workouts and they are smashed. Yes, people who come into CrossFit gyms are expecting to get a great workout and want to see the sweat pouring off their body. However, do they know why they are doing these movements, why their performing this type of workout, and do they understand the meaning of CrossFit. CrossFit is simply described as performing a task across broad time and modal domains. Basically, meaning you are doing a workout in a time period under certain circumstances. As a trainer and affiliate owner, I am looking to train the person as safely as possible and to show them how to perform these movements with correct form and technique. If I throw a brand new person into a workout like “FRAN” on their first day, and they score a 15:00 minute Fran, WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE? Their power output was awful and I probably increased their chance of injury and not wanting to come back. The On Ramp by no means is easy, but it challenges that certain person in their first month to know the basics, to know what they are doing, and give them a basic outline of why they are doing these workouts. The workouts are challenging, but puts the person at less of a risk for injury and makes them feel they are accomplishing their workouts at a positive rate. My three main goals in Vagabond CrossFit is to make sure the person is SAFE, that their technique and form is acceptable, and third and lastly that their their INTENSITY will come with time. Everyone wants to see sweat pouring off their body and feel like they just got the best workout in the world, but AT WHAT COST DOES THIS COME WITH? Injury, an overtrained person, and perhaps wanting to quit because it is to hard and strenous in the beginning. This is not my goal. I want to build the person up before I break them down!!

Second Part of the ON RAMP SERIES will be coming SOON!!


Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at own pace:
3 Handstand Attempts/10 Broad Jumps/ 20 m inch worm/ 1 Legged Side to Side over line x 20/Overhead Squats x 15

Skill Development: Knees to Elbows Practice x 5:00 mins/ Inverted Hangs Practice x 5:00 mins

Strength WOD: 1 Rep Max Deadlift- 3-2-2-1-1

Met-Con WOD: 10 Rounds for time of:
Deadlift x 10 @ 50% of 1 Rep Max
Sprint Row x 250 m