On Rampers, Ryan and Dave, ripping up their Workout of the Day, I have not been posting all the newbies that have entered the Vagabond Community, but we are growing substantially and have seen great results with using the ON RAMP PROGRAM.. I will post an article describing the ON RAMP PROGRAM and the benefits of easing new beginners to the CrossFit Methodology and Nutrition Guidelines!!

Warm-Up/Skill Development:
Rowing Practice Warm-Up

Row for 30 seconds @ 60% RPE or Rate Perceived Exertion x 5 sets w/ 30 seconds of rest in between each set…

You will switch the damper setting each row from 3-6 and stay within this range.. Elite rowers row within 4-6 and see the best results..

Dynamic Mobility:
HIP Mobility Concept( Box Hip Flexor Stretch, Inch Worm, Lunge and Twist, Pigeon Hold, Frog Stretch, Leg Kicks) All these movement will be held at minimal length for 5 seconds… We are doing active stretching, meaning we are warming up and preparing for the workout.. We do ISOMETRIC STRETCHING after the workout where we hold stretches for longer than 30 seconds to elongate the muscles and cool down…

Monostructural Workout w/ an added Twist:
Ten Minute Time Limit
Row 2000 m for a Time Trial then do the following:
After you are done with the row, you will complete as many BOX JUMPS as possible with the remaining time on the clock.. So if you complete the row in 6:00 minutes, you have 4:00 minutes to complete as many BOX JUMPS as possible in that time period…

KEVIN’S NOTES: Guys will use 20 inches. Gals will use 16 inches to 20 inches.. These Box Jumps must be done fast and recycled very quickly..