Skin the Cats…. 16 year-old Michael had the fastest time out of the Vagabonds today on the Met-Con WOD at 17:59… This kid is impressive…!!

Vagabond Hours for Tuesday, January 5th, 2009–
Morning Hours- Closed- Ross has prior obligations
However, the gym will open up at 1:00 pm to 8;00 pm for Open Gym Hours… So start strolling in at 1:00 pm if you may… I will be at my usual time by 4:00 pm…

750m Row
2 Rounds x Burgener Drill (PVC/45lbs)
i. Down and Up x 3
ii. Elbows High and Outside x 3
iii. Muscle Snatch x 3
iv. Lands x 3
v. Drops x 3
vi. Hang Squat Snatch x 3

Skill Development: All Done at Own Pace:
Upper-body pressing
2 sets of:
1. Kick up to handstand x 3 attempts
2. Push-Ups x 7
2 sets of:
1. Overhead squats x 10 reps
(men’s/women’s bar, training Bar, PVC)


Upper-body pressing
2 sets of:
1. HSPU x 5 reps
2. Ring Push-Ups x 5
2 sets of:
1. Pistols x 5 (each leg)

Strength WOD: Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-1-1-1

Met-Con WOD: AMRAP 15 Minutes of:
3 Hang Power Snatch x 3 2 75% 1 Rep Max
2 Rounds of:
3 Pull-ups/5 Push-Ups/7 Air Squats

Kevin’s Notes: Finish 3 Hang Power Snatch and 2 Rounds of Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Squats, and that is considered one round….