A quote from a True Champion, Humble and Modest, How Champions are Supposed to be…
When Mikko Salo was asked why he does not lie down after brutal workouts, his response was the following…
“I learned that animals when they are beaten by their fellow animal specie, they lie down and submit to their enemy… I NEVER LIE DOWN, FOR IT IS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS AND GIVING UP”

The Gym is closed on Sunday, January 3rd, 2009.. It will reopen with its regular schedule times…
Monday- No Morning Classes/ Afternoon Classes- 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm-Open Gym

We will be finishing up our first series of the Max Effort Black Box and will be moving onto 6 new movements starting next week…

The Following movements we will hit for 1 rep maxes this week will be the following:
Weighted Pull-ups
Hang Power Snatch
Front Squat

Snatch Deadlift- On Snatch Deadlifts, we do not have to hit a 1 rep max, and will concentate more on technique and form— We will hit a tempo style workouts for this movement.. For example when I post SNATCH DEADLIFTS @ 1121–

When we raise the bar we will take 2 seconds to raise the bar to full extension..
We will then stay at the top of the movement for a 1 second count..
Then we will take 1 second to lower the bar to the starting position
Finally we will wait 1 second to raise the bar to full extension again..

This will all be explained into more depth throughout the week.. We are moving towards a tempo style programming for our strength workouts..
Basically tempo workouts are meant to build form,technique, with the intent to control intensity, overload certain areas of the body, and ease the loads on the joints… This type of training is taken from James OPT Fitzgerald, who is my coach and inspiration to evolve as a better trainer beyond CrossFit…