The New Vagabond Goals Board is up and It Wants you to write your goals, aspirations, and achievements you want to reach over the coming months… We have a great community in the Vagabond Facility, but I feel we are lacking an overall sense of reaching goals and achievements.. CrossFit is not only a way of reaching elite fitness, but it is a system setup to aspire to reach goals you would never think you could reach… The GOALS board is for you personally to have something down in writing, so that everytime you walk into VAGABOND CROSSFIT, you can see what you want to accomplish. It is a small piece of inspiration that will push you harder and overall make you a better person.. If you want to lose 15 lbs, then put it up.. If you want to perform a muscle-up, then put it up.. If you want to do a simple push-up, put it up.. This board is meant to remind you, that you are not only in here to sweat, but to reach the pinnacle of elite fitness.. Not all of us can be elite competitors, but in your own way you can reach goals that you never thought you could reach before you stepped into VAGABOND CROSSFIT… So, put your WANTS on the board and see your aspirations be met through your hard work and determination…

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at own pace:
Row 250 m
Burpees x 6

Box Jumps x 9
Hip Mobility Complex

Skill Development: Ring Holds or Bar Holds x 10 seconds x 6 sets
Muscle-Up Progressions x 3 reps without coming off rings x 3 sets

Strength WOD: Clean Deadlift 3-3-3-1-1-1

Met-Con WOD: AMRAP 17 Minutes of:
Muscle-Ups x 3
Hang Power Cleans x 6
Wall Balls x 9

Kevin’s Notes: Guys will use 95 lbs. Gals will use 65 lbs for Hang Power Cleans. For Muscle-Ups, if you cannot perform the muscle-up progressions at all. We will substitute Jump to Ring Support x 3 and False Grip Pull-ups x 3… I do not like to substitute non-muscle-up movements, but I have to be reasonable and cater to each persons physical capabilities… Either way this will build upper body strength to hopefully build towards our muscle-up progressions.. The False Grip is vital to the muscle-up and we must get used to this difficult movement.. Neurological Training is the most important to working towards these types of movements.. The more repetitions done at correct form and technique will translate into future successes at movements like muscle-ups…