A Viking from Unknown Parts has made his presence felt in the Vagabond Community… Welcome Home, My Brethren!!

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds at Own Pace:

Jumping Pull-Ups x 10

Leg Kicks x 20(10 each leg)

Arm Circles x 20(10 Frontwards/10 Backwards)

Skill Development: Agility Ladder x 5:00 Minutes

Myofascia Release Concentration x 3:00 Minutes

Areas of Concentration: Quads, Hamstrings, ITB Band

Met-Con WOD: “On the Minute Every Other Minute”


Back Squat

Kevin’s Note: On the First Minute, you will perform 1 pull-up… If it takes you three seconds to complete one pull-up, then you rest 57 seconds..On the Second Minute, you will perform 2 Back Squats… You will continue this rep scheme, every minute until you cannot complete the rep scheme allowed in that one minute… There is on catch to this workout.. If you are on your eleventh round of pull-ups and fail, you will have an opportunity to complete your twelfth round of back squats… If you succeed then you will continue with back squats, until you fail… Good Luck!!

Guys will use 75 lbs on Back Squat. Gals will use 45 lbs on Back Squat. We will be using a High Bar Back Squat to elicit a more erect torso and to build strength in quads, as it is transferent to our Olympic Lifts.