Warm-Up: 2 Rounds at Own Pace:
Kipping Swings x 15
PVC Dislocates x 20

Skill Development: Rowing More Efficently
3 Rounds at Light Pace/60% RPE
Row 30 seconds- For each Round, we will switch the damper setting to see where the athlete is most comfortable… The most efficient rowing for most would be between 4-6, with my research and own studies…

Benchmark WOD: 500 m Row Time Trial- ALL OUT EFFORT!!

Met-Con WOD: 3 Rounds of the following:
Overhead Squat x 30 reps
Box Jumps x 30 reps

Kevin’s Note: Guys will use 65 lb for Overhead Squats. Gals will use 45 lbs. The Box Jumps will be performed at 20 inches for all athletes. The repetitions will be lightweight and the box jumps will be at a shorter height so that we can concentrate on form and technique. This will be done to ensure you cycle through your repetitions quick and explosive.

NEW VAGABOND TRAINING: As you have noticed, I have given a few days off for the strengh wod’s to give the Vagabonds some rest and to concentrate heavily on Metabolic Conditioning. However, starting next week we will go back to our old format of strength workouts four days a week, but with a little more concentration on technique and form. We will be concentrating on concentric movements and trying to concentrate on proper form and technique throughout our strength movements. For example, we will be taking a slice from OPT training, were we will be concentrating on tempo movements for some of our strength workouts. It is done to control intensity, overload certain areas of a movement/body part, improve technique on movements, ease the load on the joints, variability, transfer to other parts of CrossFit.