Lt. John Costantino, busting out a souped up OPT Workout with Gas Mask and Weighted Vest on, preparing for venture up in the mountains for survival skill training in Northern California..

Hours for Christmas Eve: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm- Come on in to get a workout!!

Special Guest Appearance at Vagabond CrossFit Tommorow: Mike Malloy

Warm-Up: 1 Round at Own Pace:
Good Mornings x 20
Air Squat x 25
Row 500 m

Skill Development: Courtesy of CrossFit New Hampshire
Perform 2-3 Rounds of the following ring sequence, if possible move from start to finish without coming down:
Muscle-up x 1
Ring Dip/Bar Dips/Push-Ups to max depth with :02 hold at bottom x 2
Support x :10
Ring Dip to max depth with :02 hold at bottom x 2
Muscle-up x 1

Strength WOD: Extra Rest Day- To get the Vagabonds on the their Merry Way for the XMAS activities…

Met-Con WOD: “Fight Gone Bad Style with Vagabond Touch”

Complete Each Movement for 1 Minute:/Rest 1 Minute btw each round
Jumping Lunges
Box Jumps
Knees to Elbows
Push Press

Kevin’s Note: Guys use 75 lbs for Push Press. Gals use 45 lbs for Push Press. If you cannot perform knees to elbows, we can substitute knees to chest or highest as possible. Men use 24 inches for box jumps. Women use 16-20 inches.