Vagabond Entrance at 5:30 am this morning after the storm.. Got to Love New England!!

The Vagabond Community is starting to really grow and I appreciate everyone’s help and patience in the afternoon as we grow as I am the only trainer to facilitate everyone.. With your help and care over the last few weeks, you have made it possible to reach our goals and expectations as a community… Thanks Vagabonds!!

By definition a community is a unified body of individuals with common interests and goals. I believe the Vagabond Community is reaching this goal through their dedication and hard work during the workouts. Also, our community is growing by lending a helping hand to others who need the help. I myself created Vagabond CrossFit, but through your inspiration and care the Vagabond Community is growing ten fold. With your help and dedication Vagabond CrossFit is not only a place of elite fitness, but a place anyone can feel comfortable and feel valued by their surrounding peers. You are the ones who make Vagabond CrossFit exist and will make it reach its goals and aspirations. I am truly impressed by the overwhelming care for eachother and the obvious work ethic of you all. I thank you and I tip my hat to all of you… Thank You Very Much!!

True Definition of a Leader in the Vagabond Community:

I just wanted to leave a side note about one of our trainers, Ross O’Brien. Not only is Ross a trainer, but he is one of my best friends and business partner. I came with the idea 6 months ago to Ross, that I wanted to start Vagabond CrossFit and had told him I was training people in and out of different globo gyms and working up at CrossFit New Hampshire. As a true friend he offered up his 200 sq foot garage to begin the journey we our still embarking on to this day. Without Ross and his dedication to elite fitness and friendship, Vagabond CrossFit would not have progressed to where it is today. Ross is not only a dedicated Vagabond, but he is the lead trainer during the morning hours from Tuesday to Thursday. I helped Ross along the way with training tips and persuaded him to attend his Level 1. He has progressed into a knowledgable and caring CrossFit trainer. He is someone who emulates what Vagabond is, a community built around trust and dedication to elite fitness and nutrition and overall caring for others in the meantime. Without Ross, Vagabond CrossFit would only be a dream, but he worked his magic and granted me my wish. Thanks Ross!!

Warm-Up: 2 Rounds at own pace of:
8 Fundamentals x 10 w/ PVC Pipe
Samson Stretch x 10( 5 each leg)

Skill Development:
L-Sit on Paralletes x 90 secs total time

Strength WOD: Hang Power Snatch 5-5-5-3-3-3

Met-Con WOD: OPT’s Big Dawg Challenge Workout

For Time of the following Movements: Chipper WOD
50 Walking Lunges
20 Power Clean@ 95 lbs
30 Ring Dips or 30 Parallel Dips or 30 Push-Ups
25 Wall balls@ 20 lbs-Men/ 10-14 lbs-Women
30 GHD Sit-Ups or Abmat Sit-Ups w./ feet anchored
30 DB Swings@ 55 lbs-Men/30-35 lbs- Women
75 Double Unders/ 200 Single Unders

Kevin’s Note: Everything is scaleable in CrossFit. As you can there are substitutions for ring dips, and GHD Sit-Ups. Choose the appropriate movements for your physical capabilities. Enjoy!