To Continue to do CrossFit, you must have the physical prowess, but also key elements can be determination and patience to see results and see progress in your movements.. Here are three pictures of how we can cater to each person’s physical ability. The Top picture would be a Vagabond performing a “RX” Handstand Push-Up… The Middle picture would be a Vagabond performing a band assisted handstand push-up… The bottom picture would be a Vagabond performing a box handstand press… Anything can be scaled to your ability.. If you follow the proper nutrition and have the dedication, you can climb the ladder of each progression…

500 m Row
Dot Drill x 1:00 min
Frog Stretch x 20 secs @ 5 reps
Leg Blasters @ own pace by 2 Rounds
“Mini Leg Blaster” = 10x air squats
10x in-place lunges (10x each leg)
10x jumping lunges (10x each leg)
5x squat jumps

Skill Warm-Up:2 Rounds of
Kipping Swings x 10
Muscle-Up Progressions

“Oxidative Overhead Anyway”
1 Round of the Following:
60 reps of Squat Clean w/ anyway overhead.. Shoulder Press/ Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk…
Men-95 lbs/ Women-45 to 65 lbs

Kevin’s Note: Oxidative meaning we will be working in the glycolytic stage at some points, but once we go over that few minute period, we are in the oxidative stage. Anyway Overhead means you can choose anyway to get the barbell overhead with any press movement after you complete a squat clean…