Virtual Shoveling…

Skill Gymnastics Warm-Up: Day 2 Cycle:
Basic: 3 Sets of:
Kipping Swings x 5
Dead Hang Pull-Ups x 5(band if needed)
3 Sets of:
Tuck L-Hangs on bar x 10 seconds

Advanced: 5 sets of:
Dead Hang Pull-Ups x 5
Muscle-Ups x 2
Kipping Swing x 3
Tuck L-Sits on Rings x 10 seconds

Strength WOD: Deadlift- Work up to a 1 Rep Max in a 20 Minute Time Limit Period…

Met-Con WOD: “Jumping Death”
For Time of the following:
200 Single Unders- Barefoot
75 Box Jumps
150 Single Unders-Barefoot
50 Box Jumps
100 Single Unders-Barefoot
25 Box Jumps

We usually concentrate on Double-Unders, but today I want us to work the skill and get used to using our wrist and not our arms during our jump roping movement. Using your wrists is more efficient and makes the rope go around faster, and in the meantime saves you energy and tired arms… Also, just like for everything there is a progression to working towards a double-under.. Before, you get a double-under, you must master the speed of turning the rope over during your jumps… Also, jump rope is very good practice for Pose Running.. That is why I added the extra bonus of jump roping barefoot into the workout… This will not only strengthen your calf muscles, but it will be working a whole new group of muscles in comparison to jump roping with sneakers on… Enjoy and Come on In…