Some Skill Drills with Frogstands and Pistols… Amazing stuff, these guys are making leaps and bounds…

CrossFit Does Work.. and the Proof is in the Pudding

First Vagabond I trained over a year ago at a local globo gym for free and has some kind words to say about Vagabond CrossFit.. Thanks TJ and hope to see you in here at some point..

“I was up late doin some homework this evening and happened to drop in on the website to learn you found a new spot. and a pretty tight one as far as i can tell. i just wanted to thank you for gettin me into cross-fit and essentially into the best shape of my life. i hope for the best kev and Good luck with the growing business. go vagabond!”

– T.J. O’Toole

VAGABOND UPDATE: The Running Seminar has been moved to Sunday, December 20th, 2009 at 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, to accomdate some of the Vagabonds, so that they can get in here. So mark it on your calendar and take part in a great experience…

Skill Gymnastics Warm-Up: Day 2 Cycle:
Basic: 3 Sets of:
Kipping Swings x 5
Dead Hang Pull-Ups x 5(band if needed)
3 Sets of:
Tuck L-Hangs on bar x 10 seconds

Advanced: 5 sets of:
Dead Hang Pull-Ups x 5
Muscle-Ups x 2
Kipping Swing x 3
Tuck L-Sits on Rings x 10 seconds

Strength WOD: Push Jerk 3 x 3

Met-Con WOD: For Time:
Dumbbell Swings x 150 reps
If you rest or put down dumbbell you will be penalized and will have to perform each time you drop dumbbell with the following:
Double-Unders x 30
Single-Unders x 60

Choose weight appropriately for the dumbbell swings… Do not go to heavy where this will hurt you, but do not go to light, where you blast through the 150 reps, as this will be counterproductive… You are meant to fail throughout this workout.. So Work Hard and Keep it Real!!