Erect Torso..Two Finger Grip.. Bar Racked on the Shelf..Feet at Shoulder Width.. Hips Below Knees.. Picture Perfect Front Squat..

Skill Warm-Up: Pose Running Drills

Wall Drills

Gun Run


Hops w/Lean

Strength WOD: Deadlift 12-9-6

Monostructural Disaster WOD: “Death by 10 m”

Rules and Regulations:

10 meters on the min. Every minute, add 10 meters. This can be done 2 ways. 1) either measured on a watch/computer (i.e., Garmin, Polar, bike computer, compu trainer or pool markers) and stopping each successive 10 meters by moving forward. This is the way that it should be done for cycling or swimming. Or 2) set up 2 cones 10 meters a part, and add one return trip each minute on the minute… Either way, you are to add 10 meters each round until you can no longer continue.

Running Seminar at Vagabond CrossFit- Saturday, December 19th, 2009.. 11:00 am-2:00 pm

If you get shin splints, knee aches, lower back problems, and overall just feel you are an awful runner and want some help… Well this is the place to get some help… I will be offering a seminar to all Vagabonds and anyone else interested, friends and family.. to better equip you with running skills and to fix your running problems… We will take video of your running form and go over the details that we need to fix your running technique… This is a three hour session, were you will get my undivided attention to fix your running woes… The cost is only 10$ to attend this class and you will not be sorry… You here me all the time, talk about Pose Running and its marvelous effects on saving you from long term injury and making you a more efficient runner… Then try this out and You will not be disappointed… Just Let me Know if you are interested and if you want to sign up…

Day: Saturday

Date: December 19th, 2009

Place: Vagabond CrossFit

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Spots Available: 10

Helpful Nutrition Tips, courtesy of Amy Kubal.. who is on my friends link.. Go to her website… she has some great information on there for Elite Nutrition…


Here ‘loin’ is the key word again. Pork loin, top-loin pork chops, and sirloin chops are the best bets


It’s fairly common knowledge that skinless chicken and turkey breast are the leanest choices. That being said, the All White Meat Premium Chicken Strips from McDonalds and the Original Recipe Chicken Breast from KFC do not qualify as good choices. Preparation is key in this catagory! Breading, deep fat frying, or drowning in sauce = bad idea!!


Eggs have gotten a bad wrap in the media. They do not have to be avoided and you can eat the yolk too!! Eggs fortified with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, such as Eggland’s Best make the smartest choice, they are a little more expensive though. If you are on a budget, normal eggs can work. I am not recommending 6 whole eggs a day, but 1-2 per day is acceptable.

Fish and Seafood

This category is wide open, there really isn’t a ‘bad’ choice. The best options are fatty, wild-caught fish such as salmon and tuna. Some types of fish may contain high levels of mercury and should be enjoyed less frequently. The varieties with the highest mercury content are shark, king mackeral, swordfish, and tilefish (golden snapper or golden bass).Again, preparation is key in this catagory also. If you are having crab legs or lobster you’re doing great…unless you’re dipping it in copious amounts of melted butter. Also, many times fish and seafood are breaded and fried, tasty – yes, a good choice – not so much. If canned/packaged tuna or salmon are staples in your diet choose the water packed, low-sodium varieties.

Wild Game

If you are lucky enough to have access to it – enjoy it! Many grocery stores carry buffalo meat and check out local butcher shops for other options. You never know what you’ll find!

Soy Products and Meat Substitutes

This is where GardenBurgers, Boca, Morningstar, Quorn, tofu, tempeh, TVP, etc. fit. My advice here – avoid all of these and see the catagories listed above for better choices!!That’s the short story on meat selection. The bottom line is go lean, grass-fed or wild when you can and ENJOY it!