Some Dynamic Stretching with the PVC PIPE…

VAGABOND NUTRITION UPDATE: Check the new Vagabond Nutrition Blog on the left hand side, and see the Paleo Challenge Format. I really want people to participate in this, for it will create a good competitive edge in the Vagabond Community and also get people to reach their goals. Nutrition is the first on the totem pole in the CrossFit Hierarchy and creates the best results in your athletic performance. Remember, it is not always about losing weight and looking the best. The Paleo Diet gives you an edge in your performance, but most importantly it promotes a healthy lifestyle and overall makes you feel better as a human being…

500 m Row
Hockey Lunges x 20(10 each leg)- Hold for 10 Seconds
Box Hip Lunges x 20(10 each leg)- Hold 10 seconds
Inch Worm x 20 ft(Do this twice)

Skill Development: Double Unders and Single Unders
Double Unders x 30
Single Unders x 100

Met-Con WOD: “Vagabond Disaster”
AMRAP of 20 Minutes:
10 Wall Balls or 10 Thrusters(barbell)
10 Deadlift
10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
Deadlift Requirements: Men-185 lbs/ Women- 115 lbs
Box Jump Requirements: Men-24 inches/ Women-18-20 inches