The New 15 Person Pull-Up System is Complete!!!

Skill Warm-Up: Gymnastic Development
Dead Hang Holds x 10 Seconds for 10 Rounds
PVC Dislocates
Plank Holds x 15 seconds x 2
Prone Holds x 15 seconds x 2

Met-Con WOD” “Pull-Up Mania”
For 15 Minutes do the following:
30 seconds of Max Pull-Ups/ Rest :30/ then Repeat

VAGABOND UPDATE: Hey, everyone the new facility is coming along nicely and now we just have to add some finishing touches and we will be ready to go very soon. Please let your friends, family, and anybody know that we will be holding a free weekend of classes on Saturday and Sunday of December 5th and December 6th, 2009. Anyone is welcome and can enjoy the activities of Vagabond CrossFit. This will take everyone’s effort to see Vagabond grow amongst the masses…