Vagabond Athlete Profile: John Came to Vagabond no more than two weeks ago with a solid of understanding of CrossFit and performing the Mainsite WOD as Rx for the last 8 to 9 months. He has infinite potential and is a great addition to the Vagabond Community. His goal is to compete in the sectionals for the CrossFit Games for next year and I believe this is achievable through his hard work and dedication. His military background is ideal and his overall attitude is refreshing. The one thing John has lacked in his training program is a Strength Program. Well, he came to the right place, as I am a strong supporter of having a strength program embedded into CrossFit workouts. Strength is one of the ten aspects of fitness and is a key component to being a successful elite CrossFitter. I guarantee if you ask any of the elite CrossFitters, they will say they have some type of strength program embedded into their program. No matter what it is, Mazx Effort Black Box, CrossFit Strength Bias, Coach B Site, Catalyst Athletics Site, etc.. Strength is the hidden key to faster times, more effieciency, and overall being a better CrossFitter. John has already set a couple of PR’s in his short time with Vagabond, but I guarantee he will see more… Welcome Aboard John and Cannot wait to see your achievements!!

John in the Midst of the Transition of the Muscle-Up…


“Your Weakness, is your MIND telling you can not do it, So tell that little voice in your head, to “Shut the $$$$ Up, and Push Through It…”